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Thursday, October 27, 2016
Top 10 Benefits of a Digital Menu Board
One of the fastest growing areas of digital signage is the adoption of digital menu boards across the QSR industry. As laws and regulations change, most restaurants are beginning to see the benefits of going digital as compared to the, well, rather traditional menu boards. Other than the obvious esthetic advantage digital has over static, here are the Top 10 Benefits of a Digital Menu Board:

1. Easily change or update digital menu boards to comply with new healthcare laws
Title IV of the new healthcare laws state that ‘Restaurants which are part of a chain with 20 or more locations doing business under the same name must disclose calories on the menu board and in written form.’ Digital menu boards provide a simple way for restaurants to change the information presented on the menu boards, allowing said restaurants to stay compliant with new state, and federal, laws and regulations.

2. Adding new menu items or changing pricing are just a few clicks away
Whether maintained manually or automatically (through integration with a POS system), menu items and pricing can be managed remotely so that either all or only some restaurants receive the updates.

3. Up-sell | No more sayng "Do you want fries and a drink with your meal"
Digital menu boards present a huge opportunity for the up-sale. Based on orders entered in a POS system (POS integration necessary), the digital screens can display complimentary items. The high-resolution screens also give the viewer a much cleaner look at the food compared to static images. In 2010, Burger King deployed digital menu boards across London and Birmingham locations, resulting in a 64% rise in sales in just 12 months*.

4. Automatically change menu based on time, day, audience, or when ever it’s needed
No more changing transparent inserts or flipping from breakfast to lunch. Digital menu boards allow restaurants to schedule when their menus will change, automatically! Whether it’s a time of day, day of the week, or targeting a certain demographic of foot traffic digital menu boards provide restaurants with a hassle-free method to displaying relevant menu items.

5. Remote Control aka ‘Couch Marketing’
Manage the entire network of menu boards from anywhere with an internet connection. Eliminate employee mishaps, printing errors, shipping costs, and the other headaches of static menu boards. Monitor the health of the system, the content, and control what messages the customers are seeing all from your desk, couch, or closest beach!

6. Reduce perceived wait times, entertain, and enhance the customer experience
Mixing in some value-added content such as trivia, fun facts, or other entertainment helps to lower a customer’s perceived wait time. It also gives customers a reason to continue to look at a screen which provides restaurants another chance to slip in promotional or other branded content. Overall, customers are given something to do while they either wait or eat. And, providing them with something to interact will always enhance the customer experience.

7. Brand Consistency
There’s always a risk of employees forgetting, or neglecting, to change a static poster menu board. With digital menu boards, restaurants can sure that all their locations are up to date and consistent with one another.

8. Printing & Shipping Costs - No Más!
Static menu boards require restaurants to design, print, ship, and then install their materials. A digital menu board eliminates the costs of printing, shipping, and installation - Not to mention the good it does for the planet! Once a digital menu board has been designed and installed, maintaining is as simple as uploading a photo to a Facebook account.

9. Staff training and other company communication
Restaurants can use their digital menu board to communicate with staff either for training or other important news. Pre-recorded training videos can be scheduled to play across all locations at a set time or a message from the CEO to all its customers thanking them for their business and support.

10. Community Support
Getting in with the community goes a long way. A restaurant can survive for years with the support from the local people. And, digital signage allows restaurants to give back! By displaying local news on their menu boards or other digital screens in the restaurant, the community will clearly see how much the owners, managers, and staff appreciate the local support.

11. Picture and Video Illustrations
You know seeing is believing, you can up-sell by showing of appetizing food and supported by video illustration.
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