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With over three decades of experience building food carts and food trucks Kareem Carts can help you to design your dreamed food unit. We are one of the largest food truck builders in The United States and one of the most recognized brands of many types of food carts and mobile units.
Custom Ordering
Do you have in mind a food truck or food cart to meet your expectations? We are ready to make it for you! Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to make it happen from the beginning to the end. Food Trucks, Mobile Kitchens, Push Food Carts, Trailer Food Carts, and mobile units.
Customer satisfaction is our goal.
First cart? This is a very good opportunity to start your own business. This is an investment with a high margin return, and best of all you become your own boss. Do not hesitate any more and give us a call to design the cart to meet your needs. Financing is available.
City Compliance
For your convenience, we assist you in the city regulation paperwork when buying a car directly from us. (License costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer). In addition to the manufacturing of specialty carts, Kareem Carts provides commissary services, too.
When you buy with us you can be assured you have purchased a quality food truck / food cart. We use only first quality stainless steel and durable materials. All the equipment we install in the food trucks or food carts are from well know brands. Every cart we sale is designed to last decades of work. Nontoxic materials are implemented in the fabrication of every food truck or food cart.
When you buy with us you can be assured you have purchased a quality car with a peace of mind that only our company can offer. Our products come with one year warranty for parts and labor.
Commissary Locations:

5850 Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90003.
Coming Soon:
6624 Stanford Ave Los Angeles, CA 90001